• Sauna room only
  • Depth 136 cm
  • Width 204 cm
  • Height 220 cm
  • Operates on normal socket, 230 volts - 3600 watts!
  • 1 sauna bench of 190 cm at the back
  • Optional L-shaped bench possible
  • For 2 to 3 persons
  • Weight approx. 720 kg
  • Material thickness 42 mm
  • Sauna door in bronze glass
  • Supplied unassembled and untreated
  • Supplied complete with black roof shingles, fasteners, sauna bench(s) and floor deck.


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Outdoor Sauna Pod 136 Mini 

Who doesn't want to come home after a hard day and be able to relax in their own sauna?

The 2-3-person POD 136 Mini, with a depth of 136 cm, is our most compact POD sauna. With a height of 204.5 cm outside and 196 cm inside, this POD offers a large interior space. In this POD, you will find a bench on the back wall as standard. At additional cost, it can be extended with a corner bench. This garden sauna is available as a pure Finnish sauna, as an infrared cabin or as a combination sauna with both.  With the infrared cabin you get the therapeutic in-depth effect on muscles and joints, and with the Finnish sauna you can make infusions to your liking.

Our Barrel and POD saunas are made of spruce as standard, but can also be ordered in thermo wood at additional cost. The plank thickness is always 42 mm. Would you like round windows at the front or rear? No problem, you can order these from us.

In addition to the planks, front and rear windows, the necessary tensioning straps, a floor grid, supply and return air grilles, a tinted glass door and black roof shingles are always included as standard.

Relax at home in your own garden with an outdoor sauna from SuperSauna®!

What could be nicer than enjoying the comfort of your own sauna at home, at any time, as often as you like. You choose the settings that suit you best, just right for you. SuperSauna makes sure you can do so very affordably, and in the most practical way. Also enjoy the light, the aromatic fragrances. After a sauna session, you will feel clean, supple, relaxed. In short, reborn.

The Arctic Barrel Sauna guarantees decades of relaxation, fun and enjoyment in your own garden! Take a look at our showroom or contact our customer service team.


Due to our many years of experience in the sauna industry, we supply quality products at an extremely competitive price. This garden sauna is made by the best specialists at Arctic Saunas. Only specially selected Scandinavian quality woods are used.

Wood types

For the garden sauna itself, you have a choice of two types of wood. Each with their own unmistakable characteristics and advantages!

Spruce: (lifespan 10-15 years / strength class 3 / low maintenance)

This type of wood is white, light and soft, making it versatile, functional and easy to maintain. Spruce can be coloured in almost any colour to match your garden landscape, which is not possible with thermowood or larch. Spruce is one of the strongest woods, strong, inflexible and durable. It is not inherently rot-resistant, so it needs regular treatment and sealing, but with proper care it will last a very long time.

Thermal wood: (service life 15-25 years / strength class 2 / low maintenance)

Thermowood is heat-treated wood that is darker than natural wood. It is also more resistant to weather and rot. Thermowood is produced in a multi-stage, chemical-free process at high temperatures. Thermowood is then much lighter than before. Thermal modification reduces the resin content by up to 90%. As a result, the wood no longer gives off resin, even at high temperatures. The insulating properties of the wood are improved and it becomes more durable and less susceptible to deformation by moisture, making it an ideal wood for outdoor use. Not all components can be heat treated. Basic profiles are treated. Components such as benches, floor grilles, windows, doors, door handles and panelling are unfortunately not possible. These components will warp.


Our stoves

Proven, tried and tested and most widely used oven:

Electric 3.6 kW 230-volt sauna heater with internal controls for wall mounting (left)

  • Narvi Minex
  • Output: 3.6 kW
  • Connection: 230 volt
  • Operation: Internal control with 2 buttons 1. Temperature / 2. Time
  • Dimensions stove: 330 mm x 630 mm x 200 mm (width / height / depth)

Cable and stones included.

Electric 4.5 kW / 6 kw / 9kW - 380 volt sauna heater with internal controls for wall mounting (centre)

  • Output: 4.5 kW / 6 kW / 9 kW
  • Connection: 380 volt
  • Operation: Internal control with 2 buttons 1. Temperature / 2. Time
  • Dimensions stove: 430 mm x 580 mm x 300 mm (width / height / depth)

This oven is not offered because the volume is too small.

Electric 4.5 kW / 6 kw / 9kW - 380 volt sauna heater with internal controls for mounting in the heater rack (right)

Corresponds to the wall-mounted heater. Only a kacherek is supplied and the heater is mounted in the heater rack.

  • Power output: 4.5 kW / 6 kW / 9 kW
  • Connection: 380 volt three-phase current
  • Operation: Internal control with 2 buttons 1. Temperature / 2. Time
  • Oven dimensions: 430 mm x 580 mm x 300 mm (width / height / depth)
  • Dimensions frame: 630 mm x 555 mm (+ 4 adjustable feet approx. 65 mm long) x 405 mm (width / height / depth)

This oven is not offered because the volume is too small.


Arctic outdoor saunas are higher than 200 cm, allowing you to stand upright in the sauna. In addition, this manufacturer uses extra-wide sauna benches with a width of 60 cm, which greatly increase sitting and lying comfort. Visit us and learn the difference between a 50 cm and a 60 cm deep bench.


Imagine: A barrel sauna in your own garden! After a busy day, you can relax in your own garden. Possibly in combination with a wood-fired whirlpool from SuperSauna.

Infrared in the outdoor sauna

With infrared, you can choose from single radiant heaters to fully configured sets.

Find out more about infrared in the outdoor sauna here.


Back wall options

Glass is not possible in combination with infrared.

  • Top left = Standard
    Bottom left = Juniper wall
    Top right = Panoramic glass (top half) + Aromatic juniper wall
    (lower half)
  • Bottom right = Panorama glass (upper half) + Standard rear wall (lower half)
More Information
Sauna type Therapeutic infrared sauna, Therapeutic infrared sauna
Changing room No
Sauna room Yes
Relax porch No
Length of sauna room 120 cm indoors
Number of banks 1 - optional corner bench (additional cost)
Length of sauna room 177 cm
Number of persons 2, 3
Power infrared depending on infrared set
stove depending on the choice of stove
Power finnish sauna depending on stove selection
Ordinary socket Yes
material spruce
Material thickness 42 mm
Width 205 cm
total depth 136 cm
Max height 220 cm
Supplied as a kit Ja
Treated untreated
Roof shingles black is in delivery
Pallet size 136 x 120 x 120 cm (+ Accessories, if purchased)