• 4 full spectrum heaters
  • 1 intense heater for under bench
  • Available in White Cedar and Red Cedar
  • 2-person infrared cabin
  • Ideal for recess installation!
  • Outside dimensions 120B-105D-190H cm
  • Including audio system - Double-walled infrared sauna
  • Ergonomic back support


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Meer video's over Infrarood Sauna's.

The infrared cabin can be installed by yourself in about 60 minutes thanks to the easy build-and-go&trade system. Complete with audio system, speakers and reading lamp. Also easy to adjust thanks to the (updated) digital control panel, which can be operated from both outside and inside.

The infrared sauna is made of fibreboard on the outside and Canadian Red Cedar on the inside, ideal wood for infrared saunas. Warmed up in just a few minutes by the special InfraHeat™ technology.

The specially developed Infraheat™ Intense give intense heat with a good depth effect for relieving muscle and joint pain. People have been experiencing the benefits of this infrared heat for years. The infraheat radiator is a long-wave radiator with an extension to medium-wave. Experience the wonderfully intense depth effect and feel reborn after every sauna session!
- Duurzame Infraheat Stralers (10-year warranty)
- Very nice finish (come see and compare!)
- First quality in White Cedar or Red Cedar.
- Ergonomic back support (often not present!)
- Newest kind of InfraHeat™ therapeutic radiators.
- Both long, medium and short wave possible.
- You can assemble the sauna within 60-90 minutes.
- Come check out ééone of our shops, we have the biggest selection!

Complete with with InfraHeat™ radiators, built-in audio system and Dutch manual.
- Easily movable.
- Very pleasant temperature from 43C to 75C degrees, much more pleasant than traditional saunas.
- Warm within minutes thanks to new InfraHeat™ technology.
- Audio system with Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 player. - Speakers (concealed in ceiling).
- Easily adjustable (digital) control panel both inside and outside the sauna.
- Door fitted with safety glass.
- Reading lamp included as standard.
- Very nice finish.
- Automatic air exchange.
- Rhedgehog ventilation for automatic air exchange.§

For years, we have been using Infraheat&trade brand radiant heaters;. These heaters are specially designed to relieve muscle and joint pains. The heater is a long-wave heater with an extension to the middle wave and made of a special ceramic magnesium oxide material. Because the Infraheat™ Intense generates mid-wave as well as long-wave infrared, this radiation has a good depth effect on the body. This depth effect is important for relieving muscle and joint pains. With years of proven performance, Infraheat™ Intense is a reliable choice.

Carbon radiators are known for their nice mild heat in the Infrared Sauna. We use the Infraheat™ Carbon radiant heaters in combination with the Infraheat™ Intense radiant heaters to create a perfect balance of heat in the IR cabin. The Infraheat™ Carbon radiators are usually placed in the side walls of the IR cabin as an addition. This allows you to experience wonderful infrared heat on all sides of your body, while still receiving mild infrared heat on your back during a relaxation position. This unique combination of emitters provides a sophisticated infrared experience that is unique in Europe.

Infraplus makes it possible to equip your cabin with infraheat full spectrum radiators (optioneel). So you not only have medium and long-wave infrared ir heat but also a section of short-wave (IR-A). In consultation with the customer, we provide the perfect balance in your ir sauna. The full-spectrum emitters can be placed on customer-specific wishes so that a suitable configuration is possible for everyone.

More Information
Wood type White Ceder
Therapeutische werking No
Detox-functie No
Digital control panel No
Power Watt
Ordinary socket No
Bench spotlight / calf spotlight separately switchable No
Aromatherapy No
Aroma plate No
Colour therapy Aktie nu: Ja, Ultra Bright LED Kleurentherapie 16 kleuren
Double-walled No
including temporary action package worth €399 No