• 2-person combination sauna infrared + traditional sauna
  • Therapeutic infrared sauna + traditional sauna
  • Especially for relief of muscle and joint pains!
  • Now with 'detox' function up to 75 degrees
  • External dimensions: 165 cm x 110 cm x 190 cm
  • Size of largest panel: 165 x 8 x 190 cm (splittable at extra cost)
  • Two separate groups and plug:
  • Power Finnish: 3600 Watt / 230 Volt
  • Power Infrared: 2560 Watt / 230 Volt
  • Heater: 5 Infraheat™ Intense heaters
  • Heater: 2 Infraheat™ Nano Carbon XL heaters
  • Interior: Red Cedar (extra charge) or White Cedar wood
  • Exterior: Fiberboard, always finished in Ral 9003 white matt colour


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Combination Sauna / Infrared Sauna Infraplus™ 165 Built-in Valero

Besides these positive effects on the body and mind, you can also make the sauna a real feast for the eyes. You can fully integrate the sauna into your interior. The linear design and large glass front make the Valero models wonderful to install. It can be attached to the frame of the front or something can be placed on top of it. Installing this modern infrared cabin from SuperSauna® creates a very luxurious atmosphere. Thus, you not only enjoy the sessions in the infrared cabin, but also the view. Many different sizes are available at SuperSauna®, so you don't have to have an expensive cabin custom-made. This cabin is always white on the outside. So the cabin is neutral and can be combined & integrated as desired. The exact colour is RAL 9003 white matt.

What should I consider when installing an infrared cabin? There are 2 options for installation. We will be happy to advise you further.

Our cabins are screwed in from the outside as standard and can be slid into an existing niche. To slide the cabin into the niche, we recommend adding 3 to 5 cm extra to the cabin dimensions, so that the cabin can be slid in easily and without clamping.

If the cabin cannot be mounted in front of the niche, it can also be mounted from the inside with 90° brackets. The brackets are not supplied, but are available in any major DIY store. The corners are recommended at the level of the roof insert, just below the bench seat and at floor level and are thus invisible afterwards. An additional space of approx. 3-5 cm is also recommended here.

The infrared cabin's technology is located in the roof and must remain accessible. If you install the cabin and the cabin is no longer accessible from the rear either, a maintenance flap should be fitted at the top. You can also make the lining above the infrared cabin removable so that this upper lining can be removed if necessary.

If you can't choose between a traditional sauna and an infrared cabin, then a combination sauna is for you! You can enjoy an infrared session or a sauna session in a combination sauna. An infrared cabin does not take long to get up to temperature and is therefore ideal for "in between" sessions. You can always use the traditional Finnish sauna if you have a bit more time. For traditional Finnish sauna, you preheat the cabin for half an hour to three quarters of an hour. The 3.6 kW 230-volt oven brings your cabin to a maximum of 80 degrees. Here you can also make infusions with different infusion concentrates as you wish.


Stove selection at SuperSauna

Electric 3.6 kW 230-volt sauna heater with internal controls for wall mounting. The Narvi Minex is a tried and tested heater that simply cannot be broken. Quality and longevity are very important to us. Moreover, it is very easy and intuitive to use. On the front of the oven, you will find 2 dials that allow you to set the time and temperature. Other points that speak in favour of this stove are its slim design and small space requirements. This ensures that it can be integrated beautifully into our saunas and, at 3.6 kW, also has sufficient power. The heater is always supplied as a 230-volt version with the corresponding cable.

If you have a high-voltage option, please contact us. The stove is a 2-phase model and can also be connected via 2 phases. For this, we will then need to supply a 5-core silicone cable. This is possible at an additional cost.

Proven & proven sauna heater:

Electric 3.6 kW 230-volt sauna heater with internal controls for wall mounting (left)

  • Power: 3.6 kW
  • Connection: 230 volt
  • Operation: Internal control with 2 buttons 1. Temperature / 2. Time
  • Dimensions stove: 330 mm x 630 mm x 200 mm (width / height / depth)

Cable and stones included

Electric 4.5 kW / 6 kW / 9kW - 380 volt sauna heater with internal controls for wall mounting (centre)

  • Power: 4.5 kW / 6 kW / 9 kW
  • Connection: 380 volt three-phase current 
  • Operation: Internal control with 2 buttons 1. Temperature / 2. Time
  • Dimensions heater: 430 mm x 580 mm x 300 mm (width / height / depth)

This heater is not offered because the volume of the cabin is far too small.

Electric 4.5 kW / 6 kW / 9kW - 380 volt sauna heater with internal controls for frame mounting (right)

Corresponds to the wall-mounted stove. Only a base is supplied and the stove is mounted in the kacherek.

  • Power: 4.5 kW / 6 kW / 9 kW
  • Connection: 380 volt high-voltage current
  • Operation: Internal control with 2 buttons 1. Temperature / 2. Time
  • Oven dimensions: 430 mm x 580 mm x 300 mm (width / height / depth)
  • Dimensions frame: 630 mm x 555 mm (+ 4 adjustable feet approx. 65 mm long) x 405 mm (width / height / depth)

This heater is not offered because the volume of the cabin is far too small.

The infrared cabin is equipped with Infraheat™ Intense emitters, which provide a good depth effect. The Infraheat™ Intense emitters are installed to work on the back, legs and calves. The Infraheat™ Intense emitters in the back area work on the muscles and nervous system from the lower back to the neck. This part of the spine is where most muscle and joint pain occurs. In the front section of the cabin (left and right or in the front panel) you will find more Infraheat™ Intense emitters that effectively treat knee problems, rheumatic hand pain and osteoarthritis. The last Infraheat™ Intense emitter is located behind the calves under the bench seat and is the only emitter that can be turned on and off individually. This calf radiator can be otherwise unpleasant for varicose veins.

Furthermore, you get two Infraheat™ Nano-Carbon XL radiators in the side walls. With these Infraheat™ Nano-Carbon XL, you get nice, mild infrared heat for shoulders and neck in a relaxing position.

Optionally, this infrared cabin can also be equipped with Infraheat™ Full-spectrum radiators. This is always done in consultation with the customer. The full-spectrum radiator also has a short-wave section, infrared a (IR-A). This wavelength has the fastest, deepest effect and is recommended for rheumatic and arthritic complaints.

In just a few minutes, your cabin is warmed up and ready to use thanks to the patented Infraheat™ technology. The specially developed Infraheat™ Intense radiant heater provides intense heat with a good depth effect to relieve muscle and joint pain. In our quality infrared cabins, people have been experiencing the benefits of this infrared heat for years. The Infraheat™ Intense radiator is a long-wave radiator (IR-C) with transition to medium-wave (IR-B). Experience the wonderful intensive depth effect and feel reborn after every infrared session! This cabin is complemented by two carbon radiators, which provide lovely, mild infrared heat on the shoulders and neck. Thanks to our combination of the different infrared emitters, this cabin has a relieving effect on muscle and joint pain, rheumatic and arthritic complaints and also fibromyalgia.

Wood selection SuperSauna®

For most models, you can choose between two different types of wood: hemlock or Canadian red cedar (additional cost). Before the wood is finally processed, both types are dried in special drying ovens. This process removes moisture from the wood, which is important so that the wood does not "work" afterwards. Another great advantage of these two types of wood is that they are almost knot- and splinter-free. This makes these woods extremely durable and a purchase for life. Canadian red cedar has another special feature. This wood species has an antibacterial oil, which is fungicidal and bactericidal.


But maintenance is also important. You should wipe the cabin with a damp cloth without detergent after each use. After wiping, simply leave the door open and let the cabin air out. To minimise work and the risk of sweat stains, we recommend using plenty of towels. One towel on the bench, one on the floor and one to take sweat off your body. If you keep sweating permanently during a session, try to cool down your body further and you will continue to sweat freely. For extra hygiene, you can purchase a sauna pillow from us. If you sweat through the towel, the stain will end up on the cushion and not on the wood. Just wipe off the cushion and you're done. No stain in the wood. Once the stain is in the wood, we recommend wiping the area over a large area and letting it air out.

Advantages of SuperSauna® infrared cabins

At SuperSauna®, we strive to provide customers with reliable information and comprehensive advice when purchasing their dream infrared sauna. Our priority is not only sales, but also after-sales service. At SuperSauna® we have and give:

Customer satisfaction

Feel free to check out the reviews of customers who are already satisfied SuperSauna® owners. Customer review SuperSauna.

Shops in 4 countries

  • The largest selection of therapeutic infrared saunas on display
  • More than 15 years of experience selling high-quality infrared cabins
  • Shops with a wide range and the best specialist advice (come and see and compare)

Durable Infraheat™-heater

  • Lifetime warranty on Intense and Carbon radiant heaters!
  • Always the latest generation of Infraheat™ infrared heaters
  • Possibility of combining 3 different types of emitters in one cabin
  • Medium and long wave therapeutic Infraheat™ emitters (optionally also a short wave section)

Therapeutic effect

  • Relief of muscle and joint pain
    Detox function in the infrared cabin (up to 75C)

Even more advantages

  • Very nice finish
  • Double-walled design
  • We only use safety glass
  • Ergonomic backrest included
  • Hemlock and Canadian red cedar of the best quality
  • You can assemble most saunas in 60-90 minutes
  • Thanks to the Build-and-Go system, it is also easy to dismantle and relocate
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Digital control panel on the inside of the infrared cabin
  • Audio system with 2 speakers. Radio, Bluetooth and USB function controllable via control panel
  • Connection 230 V, normal socket
  • Heated within minutes by the latest Infraheat technology
  • Temperature from 35C to 75C degrees, much more pleasant than traditional saunas

Radiant selection at SuperSauna®

At SuperSauna®, we have relied on high-quality infrared radiators from Infraheat™ for more than 15 years. The emitters have been tested for 20,000 burning hours. This equates to around 40,000 sessions. With SuperSauna®, you get a lifetime warranty on these quality infrared heaters.

The most important question you should ask yourself is: why do I want to buy an infrared cabin?

This reason determines which type of infrared emitters and cabin you should choose.

Infrared cabins are used for several reasons.

The most frequently given reasons

  • Relief of muscle and joint pain
  • Post-workout muscle recovery
  • Reduce stress and relax after a hard day
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Skin diseases
  • Train heart rhythm
  • Lyme disease
  • Improve sleep
  • Burn calories
  • Detoxify / Purify

The shortwave infrared (wavelength 750nm - 1400nm)

The shorter the wavelength of infrared, the more heat is produced on the skin and the shorter you can use. This makes it difficult for our bodies to absorb this type of infrared radiation properly. This form of infrared radiation has the advantage that it penetrates slightly deeper into our bodies. For this reason, the first clinical studies (before 1998) were mostly positive about this type of short-wave infrared radiation. However, later studies concluded that long-wave infrared radiation has advantages. The average use time of shortwave is only about 10 minutes per session.

Long-wave infrared (wavelength 3000nm - 10.00nm)

The long-wave infrared radiation goes slightly shallower than the short-wave, but is much better absorbed by our body. For this reason, the best therapeutic results are usually achieved with this type of infrared radiator. For deeper pain (e.g. a hernia), using a shortwave radiant heater can be advantageous. In the SuperSauna® specialist shop, we will be happy to explain to you how to make the best use of the combination of different heaters.

Recording more important than depth!

In the past, the main focus was on the depth effect of infrared. However, it was later discovered that infrared absorption is much more important. For this largely determines the therapeutic effect. As a result, most clinical studies* (after 2002) support long-wave infrared more than short-wave infrared.

Infraheat™ Intense

We have been using Infraheat™ brand radiators for years. These radiators have been specially developed to relieve muscle and joint pains. The heater is a long-wave heater with an extension to the middle wave and made of a special ceramic magnesium oxide material. Because the Infraheat™ Intense generates mid-wave as well as long-wave infrared, this radiation has a good depth effect on the body. This depth effect is important for relieving muscle and joint pains. With years of proven performance, Infraheat™ Intense is a reliable choice.

Infraheat™ Carbon

Carbon radiators are known for the nice, mild heat in the infrared sauna. We use the Infraheat Carbon emitters in combination with the Infraheat Intense emitters to create a perfect heat balance in the IR cabin. The Infraheat Carbon radiators are usually placed in the side walls of the IR cabin as an addition. As a result, you experience wonderful infrared heat on all sides of your body, while still receiving mild heat on your back in a relaxed position. This unique combination of emitters provides an infrared experience that is unique in Europe.

Infraheat™ Full Spectrum

Infraplus makes it possible to equip your cabin with infraheat full spectrum emitters (optional). This gives you not only medium and long wave infrared ir-heat but also a portion of short wave (IR-A). In consultation with the customer, we provide the perfect balance in your ir sauna. The full spectrum emitters can be placed on customer specific wishes so that a suitable configuration is possible for everyone.

Installation of your SuperSauna®

Assembly is kept very simple by prefabricated elements and is feasible even for a layman. You only need to assemble 9 parts. You do this easily with our clear assembly instructions. The points where benches, backrests and other parts should be attached are already pre-assembled. You don't need to measure anything anymore. Just hang it up and screw it on.

Installing accessories

Colour therapy lamps: The colour therapy lamp is attached to the inside of the roof. All you have to do is drill a hole for the cable and screw on the panel lamp with 4 hooks. Don't cut and leave it in, just put it on.

Full-spectrum emitter: Place the full-spectrum emitter instead of an intense emitter. To do this, remove the built-in intense emitter and replace it with the full-spectrum emitter.

Underfloor heating: The underfloor heating is placed on the floor. You need to drill a hole in the calf emitter plate so the cable is not pinched and connect it to the back wall with a Y connector.

Here you can see how all SuperSauna cabins are installed. The video shown is about the 2 Trendy.

More Information
Wood type White Ceder
On display in showroom: SuperSauna Overijssel (NL), SuperSauna Noord Brabant (NL), SuperSauna Antwerpen (BE), SuperSauna Roeselare (BE), SuperSauna Krefeld (DE)
Sauna type Therapeutic infrared sauna
Therapeutische werking Yes
Detox-functie Yes
Digital control panel Yes
Temperature setting 30 to 75°C
Number of persons 2, 3
Width 165 cm
total depth 110 cm
Max height 190 cm
Hauteur de montage 200 cm
Size of largest panel 165 x 190 x 6 cm
Power finnish sauna 3600 Watt / 230 V
Power infrared 2400 Watt / 230 V
Infraheat™ intense heater 5 Infraheat™ Intense
Infraheat™ carbon heater 2 Infraheat™ Carbon
Infraheat™ full-spectrum heater Optional (additional cost)
Radiateur à pied Infraheat™ Optional (additional cost)
Bench spotlight / calf spotlight separately switchable Yes
Audio system Yes - Radio, Bluetooth en USB
Aromatherapy Yes
Aroma plate Yes
Colour therapy Action now: Yes, Ultra Bright LED Colour therapy 16 colours
Double-walled Yes
Material inside White Cedar or Canadian Red Cedar (additional cost)
outer material Fiberboard
Exterior colour RAL 9003 white matt
including temporary action package worth €399 Yes
Front and back 165*190*6 cm
Sidewalls 110*190*6 cm
Roof and floor 165*110*6 cm
& other small parts (Calf radiator, bench, back supports)
Cardboard 1: 197*173*17 cm Gross 68 kg / Net 62 kg
Cardboard 2: 192*115*27 cm Gross 68 kg / Net 62 kg
Cardboard 3: 173*115*28 cm Gross 55 kg / Net 48 kg
Cardboard 4: -
Cardboard 5: -
Cardboard 6: -
Carton combination package 3.6kW Stove & 1x stones